Market Commentary 6/30/21

Speed Blurs

Last quarter the theme for the investment commentary was my experience as I prepared to drive a 600 hp stock car at Pocono International Raceway. I described my trepidation as I awaited my turn to drive this high-powered machine at incredible speeds. But the professional instructors understood that a novice like me could not just jump in and hit max speed, they had to gradually increase the speed each lap, ultimately hitting a top speed that did not seem that much faster (or riskier) than those initial laps. As they say, speed blurs.

I thought of this as I reviewed market action from the pandemic lows of last year, and the impact of fiscal and monetary policy on market performance. The steady upward trend, driven by fiscal and monetary stimulus, created complacency among policy-makers, analysts, and investors that everything is under control, and that the markets will continue to move higher. Speed blurs.


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