Daniel A. Morris, M.S.
President & Chief Investment Officer - Morris Capital Advisors

President, Chairman of the Board of Directors & Portfolio Manager -
Manor Investment Funds

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John R. "Rusty" Giles
Prior to joining Morris Capital Advisors, Rusty was Chief Operating Officer for Rodney Square Funds, a $7.2 billion mutual fund complex.

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Morris Capital Advisors, LLC, (MCA) was established in 1994 to provide expert money management and distinctive service for selected individual, corporate, and institutional clients.

Our mission is based on a fundamental belief that sound investment strategies, coupled with a client-driven approach will create successful long-term relationships. We believe that:

  • sound investment strategies are built on a rigorous analytical process with a long-term horizon, supplemented by an experienced view of the markets
  • a client-driven approach is based on a clear understanding of client goals and objectives, and active and ongoing client communications that are clear and concise
  • this combination of sound investment strategies and client-driven approach will enhance the client experience through the various stages of market cycles

Since the firm's founding, the execution of our mission has remained constant. We strive to build and strengthen an experienced staff committed to our conservative growth-oriented investment approach. We implement that approach in a manner that is designed and executed to enhance the repeatability of our results and is not biased by any factors outside of our analytical discipline.

Our promise to clients is to seek to produce consistent, competitive returns, with the goal to help eliminate the conflicts of interest that can often negatively impact results. Our goal is to have a client-driven firm clearly focused on the needs and objectives of each client, owned by principals believing in what we do, investing together with clients in a true partnership relationship.

MCA offers separately managed accounts employing three equity strategies and one fixed-income strategy. MCA is also the advisor to a family of mutual funds.

Equity Strategies

Investment Philosophy
Investing in attractively valued companies with growing earnings and sound finances will help generate competitive long term investment returns.

Investment Process
The firm employs a two-step disciplined, repeatable process:

1. Our proprietary analytical process identifies large-cap companies with

  • Strong earnings
  • Capability to grow
  • Sound financial structure
  • Significant free cash flow
  • Attractive valuations poised to appreciate

2. Our research-driven review process selects companies with characteristics necessary for long-term appreciation

  • Validate data and underlying assumptions
  • Evaluate management’s strategic vision and ability to execute
  • Assess the impact of industry trends and economic environments
  • Evaluate company’s ability to withstand bad times

Fixed-Income Strategy

Investment Philosophy
Protecting principal value in fixed-income portfolios is best achieved by reducing credit risk and managing interest rate exposure.

Investment Process
The firm employs a two-step disciplined, repeatable process:

1. Credit risk

  • Reduce credit-related risk by investing in portfolios of highest quality securities, primarily U.S. Treasury notes and bonds

2. Interest rate risk

  • Reduce interest rate risk by targeting an investment portfoio with average characteristics approximating the intermediate-term maturity and duration of the total bond market
  • Manage interest rate risk over time by reducing both maturity and duration in periods of rising interest rates or extending maturity and duration in times of falling interest rates




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